Touring Siena - Infos about the city and what to visit

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  • To Siena Italy by airplane
  • To Siena Italy by train
  • To Siena Italy by bus

The main Airport in Tuscany near Siena are:

  • Pisa Airport, Galileo Galilei
  • Florence Airport, Peretola

There are two more airports in the surroundings of Siena but they’re almost exclusively for military use. One is located in Sovicille (17 km from Siena) and the other in Grosseto (76 km from Siena).

The main low cost airlines flying to the airports near Siena are:


  • Flybe
  • Vueling
  • Volotea
  • KLM
  • Air Dolomiti
  • Fly niki


  • Wizz air
  • Vueling
  • Ryanair
  • Jet2
  • German wings
  • Easyjet
  • Air Dolomiti

Another option is to get a plane landing a little bit further from Siena and then take a bus headed to the beatiful city of the Palio horse race.

You can find a lot of information and advices on the public tranport from / to the main airports on their websites:
- Florence Airport
- Pisa Airport/
- Bologna Airport;
- Rome airport - Fiumicino
- Rome airport - Ciampino
- Milan airport - Linate
- Milan airport - Malpensa
But of course they only have general info about how to get to the airport not to Siena. So let's talk about how to get to Siena.

Some people think that taking a bus is more comfortable to get to Siena than by train, as the train station is located downhill and you would probably need an additional city bus or a taxi to get to the city centre.
Getting around Siena may not seems easy for those who come in our city for the first time, but that’s the price you pay for being in an original Medieval town. So, once you are in Italy, that's how you can get to Siena.

To Siena by train

There are two main rail operators that reach Tuscany: Trenitalia and Italo Treno.
The first is only one that would take you to all teh way to Siena, as it has available both high speed trains and slower trains that reaching smaller cities.
Make sure to check the official websites to see which is the right for you: & Italo Treno. Both the companies also have apps:

- TRENITALIA: iOS - Android
- ITALO TRENO: iOS - Android

To Siena by bus

Siena has an important university with many students arriving from all over Italy and abroad. This means that there are many people that need to move back and forth from Siena, and often they choose to go by coach. So here are some useful links to some companies reaching Siena by bus:
- Baltour
- FlixBus
- GoEuro

Check their websites to see timetables and what fits better your needs.
As Siena is a hilly city there are also many local buses with which you'd be able to reach any part of Siena. Here are some info about prices and timetables. Unfortunately, most of these websites are only in Italian, but if you're planning your holiday in Siena, the staff of your hotel in Siena may help you.

To Siena by car

In any airport of Tuscany (and outside) you can rent a car and there’s highway (fee requested) both from North (Bologna, Florence direction) and from South (direction Rome) leading to Siena. To rent a car you can find some useful information on the website of the airports or just choose the car rental you prefer.
If you think that the car is the right way to get you to Siena, but you's like to save some money and be a sustainable tourist you may like to know a popular service of car sharing in Italy nemed Blablacar (the website is only in italian).

To Siena by motorcycle

A lovely way to get to Siena is by a motorbyke, in particular by the Vespa. The panorama is great, and you may It’s ideal for a two people traveling and you can visit easely any part of this fantastic area. Of course, you must well consider if that's the best way for your type of trip.