Touring Siena - Infos about the city and what to visit

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What's the weather like in Siena?

If you're planning to go to Siena for a holiday, one of the first things you may check before heading to this beautiful Medieval Town is probably how's going to be the weather like in the next days. Here'a why we decided to give you some help.
To be always updated about what is going to be the weather like in the next week right in the box below.

Sayings and tales about Siena, Tuscany and its weather

There are some fun facts about Siena and the weather, some legends about the city and neighborhood. Some of them date back to the Middle Age, while others are more recent. But one thing is sure, like all of the people's tales and legends they are deeply connected to the history and the passions of those who live and lived here during the centuries.

Is the dog running after the fish? Be careful, bad weather

For example, one of these legends talks about something specific you may see on the Public Palace in Siena. Actually, right on the top of a couple of turrets. If you're in Piazza del Campo and you look up to the Public Palace, you'll probably see some sort of flags made of iron: one has the shape of a dog and the other a fish.
In Siena, it is widespread that when the dog-flag runs after the fish-flag there will probably be bad weather on all of the city.
In order to find some sort of scientific explation to this common saying, we can say that: if these two flags are in that particular position it means that the wind blowing is a northwest wind, one we usually call in italian "Maestrale" (mistral).
This wind is typical of the central Mediterranean area, and though it is dry it usually forecasts rain and winter.
So it seems, as it often happens with weather, that common sayings are scientifically reasonable.

What if the four greens are running the Palio horse race?

There are many stories and legends about the Palio horse race, but probably the most well-known is the one about "the 4 Greens". As you may know, there are 17 "contrade" dividing the city center of Siena into 17 neighbourhoods. Of these seventeen, four (Goose, Dragon, Forest and Caterpillar) have the colour green in their flags. The "4 Greens Palios" are those in which all of these four contrade will race.
The legends tells about a general misfortune during those Palio races, which in some cases can be strictly connected to the weather in Siena. Rain and storms of course can be really tricky during the race, both for horses and jockeys.

If you want to know more about these stories or if you just want to know other stories and legends, probably the best thing you could do is...come to Siena.